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How To Wear Your Pashmina Scarf To Best Complement Your Body Type

by Susan on April 22, 2011 09:29:09

A sassy scarf can be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Pashmina scarves come in a variety of different sizes and colors and there are many ways to wear this accessory, from twisted like a necklace to a jaunty, asymmetrical triangle.  Figuring out what style would best complement your body can be a little confusing. Here are some simple guidelines to follow when deciding how you are going to wear this perfect accessory.

There are 5 different categories of body types, the Rectangle, Pear Shape, Hour Glass, Oval and The Wedge. There are different ways you can wear your pashmina scarf to complement your body and highlight your best features.

The Rectangle, which is the common body shape, has few visible curves. This body shape, when looked at head on, bears a definite resemblance to a rectangle, without a defined waist. This can easily be masked by wearing your a pashmina as a belt. Simply tie the shawl around your waist like a belt using different knots to create a stylish look and make a real fashion statement that makes you appear to have a curvy lower half.

The Pear Shape, If you have shoulders that are narrower than your hips and lower half of your body, you can be classified as pear shaped. Often you end up needing a smaller dress size for your top half than your bottom half of your body. A great way of appearing to balance your body out is to wear your  pashmina scarf in the ‘Wild West’ look, which is a front drape. This gives the appearance of your chest being larger and offers balance to  your body.

Hour Glass, with this body type you have hips and shoulders that are balanced and your waist is short and visibly nipped in. With this body shape you want to add height and not mask your good body features. The noose style way  wearing your pashmina scarf helps elongate your body and does not add bulk to your other features.

Oval Shape, with this shape you tend to have a heavier frame, a prominent tummy and bigger legs, with sloping shoulders and a wide hipline being very normal in addition to a quite large bust. It is best to wear your scarf long and draped over your outfit to elongate your figure. You need to make sure the ends of the scarf do not stop at your bust line, though.

Wedge Shape, If your body type falls under the category of a wedge, Your shoulders are wider than your hips and you may have a very full chest. Your body type would be complemented by wearing your pashmina in the sarong style, which does wonders for people with very small hips. Simply wrap the shawl around your waist, and let it drape nicely. This is a great way to appear to have a curvy hip line.

Hopefully these quick tips will make it easier for you to wear this elegant accessory in the most flattering way for your body!

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