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How to differentiate between an Original and Fake Pashmina

by akshay on May 17, 2011 01:06:23

Pashmina Scarves and Wraps have always been popular and fashionable; therefore it has consistently retained its demand in the market. It is manufactured from Himalayan Goat Wool, and is found in a wide range of shades and quality. Pashminas if worn correctly, does not make a person look stylish but also provides complete warmth to the body, especially when used during winters. The fact that this fashion apparel has always generated a positive response have led to many replicas of the original constantly circulating in the market , hence it is absolutely essential for people to be able to distinguish between an Original Pashmina and a copy when they set out to buy one. This article would give you a few tips in terms of selecting a good quality Pashmina:

Before purchasing a Pashmina, it is always favorable to undertake some research in terms of the best brand manufacturers of Pashmina Scarves and Wraps, so as to be sure about the quality. Although famous brands would definitely turn out to be expensive than others but would surely give your superior quality.

It would also be helpful if you try to gently rub the Pashmina to your chin, and feel if it is rough of soft textured. As facial skin is more sensitive than other parts of the body, a synthetic Pashmina would definitely result in skin irritation. This way one would be able to inspect its authenticity.

A high quality Pashmina is always known to display a tag that is stitched on the material itself stating that it is made of 100% cashmere. You may also come across a number of those which have a tag stating 100% Pashmina, which may or may not be of a genuine quality. Hence always be careful to make a wise choice in between these 2 kinds.

It would also be advisable to use your own instinct and senses in terms of sight and touch to inspect if the Pashmina is an Original or Fake. Touch the material and feel the texture to check if it is rough or jagged. Also try to hold the material in front of light to notice if there is any kind of visible defect.

Another aspect that would differentiate between an authentic and artificial Pashmina is its price tag, which is more than often pretty expensive. Hence those retailers or sellers promising to provide them at a hugely discounted rate may have something to hide, because in general Pashmina Fabric is always costly therefore cannot be sold at a cheap rate. Always ensure that you are buying Pashminas manufactured from pure cashmere by visiting a reputed dealer.

Lastly, try to avail the permission of the store to check the quality of the material by moistening it with water. The moment the material is damp an original Pashmina will always end up smelling like a wet animal, although the odor may not be that strong you would still be able to notice the stench.


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