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Fashion Scarves at London Fashion Week 2011

by Jo on July 29, 2011 13:36:01

London is one of the fashion capitals in the world and therefore London Fashion Week 2011 was one great fashion event that people were looking forward to because some of the best designers and models were ready to showcase some of the brightest minds and hottest trends in the world of fashion. The event took place in February and some top designers like Vivienne Westwood and House of Holland decided to take the fashion to new level with the help of fashion scarves.

The concept of fashion scarves has definitely become more popular and it was visible in London Fashion Week 2011. Designers are now trying to add more style to their regular clothing through fashion scarves. They can use the same old style leather jacket with some bright and colorful scarf and that makes the entire apparel look different because a new shade of color has been added to it.

London Fashion Week 2011 also showcased that people are now switching to simple and elegant fashion where they go for simple prints rather than going for complicated and filled up designs that leave no space for the fabric. Something similar has happened to fashion scarves as well because simple bright colored and checks are now becoming popular because they can go well with different colors.

Many designers from Istanbul and other places came up with woolen fashion scarves that can be used by men in various different ways. These scarves are dark in color and they go well with different shades of tees and jeans and even formal dressing. These scarves would give them the collar effect which would completely change the way people think about fashion scarves. Hence, in various ways London Fashion Week 2011 showed that fashion scarves have the versatility to improve your dressing style even if you are not trying to be stylish.

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