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How to Buy Real Pashmina?

by Jo on July 22, 2011 00:00:15

We all love to make sure that we buy the best genuine items available in the market. However, sometimes we realize that the product we have bought looks genuine but it is not. People who are in the business of creating fakes are experts in their field and therefore they know how to create a fake which looks very much like real to the naked eye. When it comes to fabric and fashion scarves we keep hearing more about pashminas. There are different kinds of pashminas available in the market like acrylic pashmina, wool pashmina and silk pashmina but how do we know if we are buying the genuine product.

Pashmina is a work of art and passion and it comes from Persian culture and therefore it becomes really hard to understand how to sort out the real pashmina from the fake. Here are some useful tips that you can keep in mind when you are buying pashminas.

If you are buying true cashmere pashminas you will notice that the fabric is wrinkle free. So you can try folding the pashmina in various ways and see if there are wrinkles on it. If there are wrinkles then you are not holding genuine pashmina.

Another way to find out whether the pashmina you are buying is genuine or not is by burning one of the thread of the pashmina you are buying. If the thread burns with a sulphuric smell then you are buying the right pashmina because cashmere fabric burns with a sulphuric smell. On the other hand, viscose pashmina thread will burn like a plastic and there will be no smell.

You can even check the weaving pattern of pashmina you are buying. Since pashminas are handmade you will find that the weaving is not too close and not very fine as well.

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