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Staffy Puppy Training Four Secrets To Your Success

by ctyn on August 1, 2013 08:03:28

Staffy Puppy Training – Four Secrets To Your Success

If you have just purchased a Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup, then some staffy puppy training will no doubt be high on your agenda. It is certainly true that every dog should be given some basic training so that they become more settled and manageable, and so the lives of their owners are kept relatively stress-free. And it is also good to remember that each dog/owner combination is unique and will to a large extent depend upon the personalities of those involved, and how committed the owner is to providing effective guidance to their dog.

Having said that, there are four essential &24967;ecrets?which underlie every dog training program. If you understand and work with these secrets your staffy puppy training will be fun, rewarding and enjoyable. Because when all is said and done, who wants a puppy that is simply not housetrained, or perhaps who barks nonstop, or isn’t going to come running back to you when you call them?

The first secret is ?never shout or yell at your puppy. It is totally counterproductive to your training program because your dog will only know that you are angry and will not know what it is supposed to do. Use firm, strong commands when talking to your dog, but don&25264; shout.

The 2nd staffy puppy training secret is that pets react far better to rewards and encouragement for things they have done well, as opposed to physical punishment for things they have done &24972;rong? In this regard they happen to be identical to us all! As your new puppy learns a new challenge, reward them with doggie snacks pats/ physical affection to strengthen the connection in their mind between obedience and reward. They will of course want to test their boundaries, but remember that is only natural.

The 3rd key to successful staffy puppy training is that you simply must establish yourself as the master, or ‘alpha leader’. Your doggy will want to comprehend the place they fit in your own household ‘pack’, and it must look to you for instruction as well as protection. Make an agreement in the family with regards to exactly who is to function as the leader of the puppy, but in any case make sure that everyone&25263; instructions are consistent and clear.

The 4th secret is to continue to keep the puppy’s concentration upon you all the way through any staffy puppy training session. This will strengthen your situation as boss and trainer. Your pet truly wants to grasp who’s in command and you must use your body language and voice to achieve this.

Dog training specialists know that 90% of training your dog is related to obtaining and keeping your puppy’s attention. To make this quite a bit easier on you and your family pet, keeping the staffy puppy instruction sessions limited – twenty or so minutes is just about correct. If achievable, work in a secluded space where there are actually minimal temptations for the puppy&25263; attention to stray, at least in the early stages of its learning.

Finally, if you consistently apply the principles described above, both your pet and your family will work happily together as a team and enjoy many long years together! Safari gains support for pinned sites, font and theme choices in reader view, and muting of background web page audio