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Da Bo Gong Temple, A Taoist Temple That Attracts Both Devotees And Sightseers

Da Bo Gong Temple, A Taoist Temple That Attracts Both Devotees And Sightseers The peaceful Kusu Island, one of Singapore&25263; Southern Islands, has been developed from a mere couple of reef outcrops into a sizable island which has achieved the status of a holiday destination. One of Kusu Island&25263; prime attractions is the Taoist Da [...]

Current And Future Potentials Creating Your Own Destiny

Current and Future Potentials – Creating Your Own Destiny I often speak to many of potentials. When you are asking that question or thinking on what might be possible what you are pondering is potentials. Wondering if you should apply for that job or if you should move often what we are really wondering and [...]

Cup Size Is Not Characterization Why Comic Books Are Confused

Cup Size is not Characterization: Why Comic Books Are Confused I’m pretty sure the most popular entry in this blog is the one from late April: Women Lacking Complexity-For SCIENCE! about blogger Jen McCreight’s initiative Boob Quake. Wow, who would have thought it? The most popular blog was about tits. Yes, there are two big [...]

Damon, Dicaprio, And Double Lives Dual Protagonists In The The Departed

Damon, DiCaprio, And Double Lives: Dual Protagonists in the “The Departed” Through criminal exploits and false bonds, “The Departed” explores duality and the unceasing consequences faced by people who practice it. The movie’s two lead protagonists embody the concept of duality, acting as character foils in their reactions to similar scenarios. While they share some [...]

Dan Brown Versus Vatican 2nd War

Dan Brown versus Vatican: 2nd war The Da Vinci Code upset read here the Vatican and some Catholics because of its storyline. After giving the Vatican much to complain about with &24931;he Da Vinci Code? symbologist Robert Langdon returns to the big screen as an unlikely Vatican ally in &24905;ngels and Demons? This movie directed [...]