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Pashmina Scarves for Better Styling

People are always looking for better ways to style themselves because they want to make sure that they look good and that others around them appreciate them. Women are always conscious about the way they look and the way they select their clothing. Hence, they always go for pashmina scarves which would go well with [...]

Cashmere Pashmina for Fashion Statement

Fashion is something that people want to keep in their mind these days because they want to make sure that they look great and they can make some impression on the people that surround them. Most people try to follow the trends that they read about in magazines and tabloids and see on various fashion [...]

Let’s Pashmina It up!

Pashiman shawl are a definite must have this fall season. The classic Pashmina scarves are hand woven, manually dyed and usually imported from East Asian countries. These fashionable accessories are woven with a luxurious mix of real pashmina wool and silk. This traditional blend gives the scarf an added strength by adding durability to it [...]

Some Gossip About Celebs and Scarves

As we all know, celebrities are the ones that are actually leading the market of fashion. It is not companies and clothing brands the ones that are controlling all this market. Therefore, the real key to be up to date or to be linked to today’s fashion is to know about what celebs are wearing [...]

Urban Scarves Celebrities are Using Today

As might already know, there are hundreds of contexts and places to wear a scarf. This is why there are so many styles available. As the popularity of scarves grows more, people start using them in new places and this forces brands and designers to come up with new ideas to fit all these needs. [...]