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Fashion Scarves Vs Fashion Shawls

Winter is just around the corner and people all over the globe will now look out for new winter collection that they can add to their wardrobe. Although, most people use the same sweaters and woolen clothes there are many who would like to make some changes to their wardrobe and buy new clothes that [...]

Scarves and Shawls…fall and winter

In this winter and fall season everyone will come to know the scarves are the stylish and most fashion accessory, and most fashionable accessory.  Everywhere and everyone will be wearing this sort of attractive scarves. You can look all the people in all kind of cities. Scarf, this is going to be magical and most [...]

Pashmina Shawls – Creating a Buzz on the Fashion Scene

Pashmina Shawls have generated a lot of popularity not just amongst the general population but also within the fashion and media world. Various fashion designers have recognized the multi functional characteristics of Pashmina shawls and hence have incorporated it in their master pieces. These days Pashmina shawls are not only displayed by professional models on [...]

Chiffon Shawls – Expensive but Excellent Choice for all Seasons

Chiffon Shawls have the characteristic to fit in perfectly with most kinds of outfits. If selected in the perfect style and design chiffon shawls go very well with casual as well as party wear. Chiffon signifies elegance and class, therefore this is one piece of clothing that all women love to wear and show off [...]

Tips on cleaning Pashmina shawls

Pashmina Shawls are one of the most expensive pieces of clothing in the current fashion scene. It is made from 100% pure cashmere produced from rare Himalayan goat wool. Pashmina as a fabric feels extremely soft to the skin and provides sufficient warmth during winters. This is precisely the reason behind this particular fabric being [...]