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How to Buy Real Pashmina?

We all love to make sure that we buy the best genuine items available in the market. However, sometimes we realize that the product we have bought looks genuine but it is not. People who are in the business of creating fakes are experts in their field and therefore they know how to create a [...]

Is Pashmina a Fashion Scarf?

The world of fashion has something new to offer to the people every day and therefore there are various terms that are used for different clothing styles and patterns. Hence, in a way fashion can be really confusing to those who know nothing about fashion or who are new to the world of fashion. One [...]

Pashmina Shawls – Creating a Buzz on the Fashion Scene

Pashmina Shawls have generated a lot of popularity not just amongst the general population but also within the fashion and media world. Various fashion designers have recognized the multi functional characteristics of Pashmina shawls and hence have incorporated it in their master pieces. These days Pashmina shawls are not only displayed by professional models on [...]

How to differentiate between an Original and Fake Pashmina

Pashmina Scarves and Wraps have always been popular and fashionable; therefore it has consistently retained its demand in the market. It is manufactured from Himalayan Goat Wool, and is found in a wide range of shades and quality. Pashminas if worn correctly, does not make a person look stylish but also provides complete warmth to [...]

Shawls, the must have fashion accessory.

Shawls used to be an essential part of clothing of both men and women in the old times. But, over time they’ve progressed on to become an essential clothing accessory. They went on to be introduced in the west where they became a must wanted fashion accessory. As of today shawls are touted as a [...]