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Scarves and Shawls…fall and winter

In this winter and fall season everyone will come to know the scarves are the stylish and most fashion accessory, and most fashionable accessory.  Everywhere and everyone will be wearing this sort of attractive scarves. You can look all the people in all kind of cities. Scarf, this is going to be magical and most [...]

The 10 most Fashionable Scarves for the next winter

  Scarves have the ability to make a fashion statement provided they are worn in a stylish manner. For those who are bored with the conventional method of tying a scarf around the neck and head, there are a few stylish ways through which this particular add-on to your outfit can make you appear gorgeous. [...]

Scarf – a vital and elegant add-on to your outfit

A Scarf is a small piece of clothing manufactured from a variety of fabrics. Pashmina and Silk are one of the commonly used fabrics for Scarfs especially during spring and winters. They are most commonly worn around the neck, while a few also tie it around the head and waist. Depending upon the style quotient [...]

How to Wear a Pashmina Correctly

For those women that feel like looking good is all about details, there is something that they must know before wearing any outfit again. It is very hard that anyone has not heard of pashminas. However, some people are not very aware of the way these should be worn, and how they can improve the [...]

All about Shawls

Some of the most famous dressing outfits are actually a cultural piece of a certain area of the world. For example, countries like Guatemala offer their national ancient dresses for sale. Locals and tourists buy them for normal use. However, some don’t know about what these dresses represent or mean. The same thing happens with [...]